Monday, March 30, 2009

Hospital was negligent, says mother

SEREMBAN: A clerk has alleged that medical negligence on the part of a private hospital here led to her newborn baby being born with disabilities.

Cheong Hsiu Tyug, 29, also claimed hospital staff did not attend to her daughter after her birth on March 15.

She alleged that they had wasted time on unnecessary examinations when she was awaiting delivery of her child between 8am and 11am.

"When I complained of pain and began to bleed, the nurse changed the monitoring machine and still did not call for the doctor.

"At this point, I was beginning to worry because I did not face such problems during my first child's birth."

Cheong, a clerk, claimed that when complications arose, the nurse finally called for the doctor who told her the baby had to be delivered by Caesarean section as it was feared that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her child's neck.

"After that, the doctor said that our baby was in a critical condition and had to be sent to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital as they did not have the proper equipment to treat her," said Cheong's contractor husband Chong Sing Ma, 31.

"Now, we are being told that our daughter might have a hearing and speaking impairment. They also said she could be paralysed and even blind," he added.

Chong was accompanied by BN Temiang coordinating officer Jason Lee Kee Chong.

Cheong said she could not understand why they delayed her delivery.

"I delivered my first child at the same hospital under the same doctor, but these were two different experiences," Cheong said, adding that a nurse was not present with her throughout the waiting process unlike her previous delivery.

She also claimed the hospital had made it difficult for her to view a copy of her medical report as the terms in the application form stated that she had to pay an unspecified amount to view the document.

Cheong said the form also stated that patients could not take any action against the hospital.

"This is ridiculous. First they ask for a payment for the document and, on top of that, I cannot take any action against them. So who is responsible if there is proof that the hospital was negligent? As a patient, I cannot accept this," she added.

Lee said he planned to post the plight of Cheong and Chong on his blog to generate feedback from medical or professional consultants on their baby's problems.

"I have decided to do so because I feel the hospital is abusing its power by fixing terms that prevent the patient from taking any action against it.

"This means that they will not take responsibility even if it can be proven that the baby's problems were the hospital's fault," he said.

Lee said he would also lodge a report at the Health Ministry today besides meeting Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.
NST 30/03/2009
PS - Readers, Pls give me some advise and information as i need to file a complain to help the mother and families. Thank you


vanessh2o said...

Dear Mr Chong, We r sorry to hear about your plight. As parent of a totally dependent child ourselves we understand what u r goin thru rite now. If you need any advise, U may contact me Wilson on my mobile 012 5057504 or write to me so taht we can advise u on how we went about with our legal proceedings & ur rights as a patient. We can also give u advise on your child as we hv had 9 yrs of experience now with this kind of problem. We hope we r able to help u.Meanwhile, be strong for your child & pray hard.

Chin said...

I am sorry to hear that this people are just plain irresponsible. You can see how some practioner cannot even detect serious abuse(case of indian man that got beaten by the polce). You should go sue them for damages. You make the right move to meet necessary people like the health ministry so that they can never do it to others or they should be strip of thier license and put to jail for causing maybe hurt to people. Sorry i cannot help much but i can only pray for your child to be well. God Bless.

Jos said...

may i know which hospital in seremban? KPJ or columbia?

李麒昌 said...

Is a private hospital near labu.

李麒昌 said...

Dear readers,
after the news published, alot of comments given to the parents. i would like to thank all informers, including those who sent email to me, for giving so much supports to the parents. in fact, the said private hospital, finally called up and asking back for negotiation.
anyway i will discuss with the parents rgdg our next course of action. whether we shd?
we will insist to protect the consumer's right, instead of covering up the story, bcos ,we feel that victim is the baby, not the damages to any other party! a clearification and explanation must be done and delivered!
I will keep readers informed what will happen then.Hope u all if possible supply me more information abt the case.
Once again, thank u for being so supportive and kind to the parents.

Best wishes,
Jason Lee