Thursday, June 17, 2010

a YDP to salute!

today morning had a visit together with YDP Sremban Dato Halim , and other MCA and gerakan Ahli Majls to Jalan Lee Sam in order to settle pettty traders problems ( fire victims).

It was planned at 9m, but u nvr know that our our YDP reached at 8am to hv an early visit alone before us. luckily our pettey traders chairman reached there at the same time. How serius he is, i wonder.

After the Press conference,Dato Halim left together with the other ahi majlis and traders. i was surprise after bfast (1 hr later), Dato Halim came back together with 2 consultant, ofcouse i was there becos hv discusion with friends. Dato told me : i need some private professional opinion b4 the project runs!
he spent another 60 mnts there to discuss the detail.

frm the above, i can see that how sincere our YDP Seremban in action to help the Town traders. It was YDP to cancel MPN moning section meeting , to hv the visit ,to help victims ASAP to rebuild thier businesspart.

however, he is the best and most sincere YDP i ever seen.
I know Dato will never see this statement, but i wish and hope Dato can continue the effort, for the ppl in Seremban! who say We Cant Change?

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